Some of my passions & some of my inspirations.

posted by Natalie Paddick

As the first blog! Its difficult to know where to start... So here goes! 

Over the last four months, whilst setting up this website with my great friend, who did all the hard work!

I had some great fun and this is how it goes!

This is a picture looking up from the café in the hotel in Malian. The building is new, yet the Italians still pay homage to their strong design ethic, which is high lighted by the window mulleins. 

The Same building at night, so beautifully highlighted. It is almost impossible to use this pink in the UK, sadly it just does not work!

No this is not a street artist, Just a "Chap hanging around in Milan!"

Louis Vuitton, which is a dramatic look; but what is with the crappy plants?

I love straight lines, this is the Giorgio Armani shop in Milan, they are so good at display, "minimal and sharp"! Mind you I just want to "quirk it up" and turn one of the glasses the other way round!

How fun is this denim & feather dress!

Just Love this..I love drama & theatre! "Some would say it's in my blood!"

It just beautiful, I love statuary!

This is what confuses me in Milan, why do they Graffiti everything? Works of irreplaceable art? I said to my husband, look they have even broken of his arm! My husband said that is not all they have snapped off! It's not where a girl looks first!

Now in London and in the UK we have to maximise on floor space, where as in Milan they just have fun...Less is More!

Wow! Bristol Graffiti.

Bristol, another Graffiti city, professionals here! It's a street that the council have allowed the art to flourish!

Beautiful Bristol!

This chap has had a heavy evening!

Sorry I can't resist this one! It's kinda scary! Bristol what a blast!

One last one! Such fun!

So these are some of my passions & some of my inspirations. And so now to food, my other passion.

It's time to eat and drink....I hope you have enjoyed!

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